5 Benefits of Playing PC Games You Probably Didn’t Know

Contrary to the traditional belief, playing pc games is more than just a form of entertainment. There are experts who claim that video games have become a great tool for a person’s productivity. The reality is that there are more benefits of playing games than its negative effects. 

In this article, we have broken down the benefits and advantages of playing pc games: how it affects one’s life: physically, mentally, psychologically and even socially.

Playing PC Games increase problem solving skills

According to designer of alternate reality, Jane McGonigal, it is suggested that if we have to stimulate our mind, we have to play online games 3-5 times a week for 20 minutes! It seriously promotes cognitive flexibility and increases problem solving skills. 

It makes your mind active 

Playing PC games involves a lot of imagination. Some PC games are adventure-packed and require you to think creatively and imaginatively to complete a mission. For example, playing Crosswords and Sudoku definitely makes your mind active. This helps in keeping our minds sharp and helps improve our memory, especially for the elderly. 

It Helps You Multitask

Professor of brain and cognitive sciences, Daphne Bevelier believes that action video games are “far from mindless”. He added that studies in fact suggest that gamers have seen improved attention, cognitive and multitasking skills. 

By the time you’ve reached 40 years, multitasking will become challenging already. In one study, 60-85 years olds who play PC games have become as effective at multitasking as 20-years old after a month of training. 

It Improves Hand and Eye Coordination

Researches find out that people who play PC games have better hand and eye coordination compared to those who are not. This skill can be applied in our everyday routine such as driving to work and other activities required improved hand-eye coordination.

It Has Physical and Mental Therapeutic Uses

People who have arm mobility issues play video games to improve their condition. It’s also a rehabilitative way to recover physical functions and mental functions, such as anxiety and stress.

It Helps Develop Empathy

When you are playing pc games, you’re likely to play with other groups as well. As a consequence, you will be able to enhance your sense of empathy. While others find it negative, since cyberbullying is rampant on some online games, it has become a useful channel to foster and develop relationships with other people.

In fact, some people find their partner through online games. Any online game has now become a normal part of the dating landscape.

It Increases Self Esteem and Sense of Competence

Among the other good things playing games can give you is the sense of competence. Gamers feel better about themselves whenever they reach a certain mission or complete a level in a game. It gives you somehow a sense of direction, as you’re able to meet the objectives presented in the game.